Vaping and Cigarette Smoking

Those who are smokers and have totally quit has the testimony that can be given as an inspiration to would be quitters out there of the benefits of vaping. Smoking stinks and it must be stopped, there are a lot of health advocacy campaigns that have the primary recommendation for a better health is the cessation of smoking. Quitting smoking lowers all the risks associated with the use of traditional cigarette. For those who tried the cold turkey technique, it has been known to completely fail and make the user return to cigarette smoking a couple of weeks after ceasing. The cost of vaping far out weights the risk of using traditional cigarettes and there is evidence that smoke free products have the potential to revert the harmful effects of cigarette smoking. There has been no substantial proof to support that there are long term harmful effects to vaping.

There is none and based on the experiences and testimonies of people using these products for decades, they have not associated any harmful bodily condition to vaping e cigarette . Vaping systems have open systems and closed systems and it is best to buy those with close heating systems because the heat is controlled. Electronic cigarettes come in different e-liquid flavors and this makes vaping more enjoyable. These flavors play a major role for smoking quitters because they try to imitate the taste of real cigarettes. Although cigarette smoking has a distinct smell and taste the e liquid  may not be able to copy one hundred percent, they are critical to the long term use of vapers. The flavor adds more value to vaping and will not cause any harmful effect when the smoke emitted is inhaled by a second party.

Second hand smoke essentially carries no harmful effects to a person. Some benefits of using electronic cigarettes are that they do not produce odor and residue, when you blow cigarette smoke to your nails, there will be a patch of orange to gray that is left as a mark which are composed of the harmful and toxic chemicals in the cigarette but there is nothing like this in an electronic cigarette. E-cigarettes are aesthetically pleasing and has been socially accepted by most people and culture. It is convenient as you do not have to light one cigarette after another, you do not need to throw away cigarette butts and you only have to carry one electronic cigarette for the whole day.