Vaping and Cigarettes: A Guide

Vaping has been termed as the act of inhaling vapor emitted by vaporizers or e cigarettes and in the modern world, vaping has been associated with the use of electronic cigarettes which is a healthier choice than smoking cigarettes. There are reasons why one should choose vaping as an alternative to cigarette smoking because vaping is not toxic. The chemicals in a stick of cigarette have been unknown to most of us until the manufacturers have been legally ordered to disclose them. Here are some of the materials used in the production of cigarettes such as fungicides and pesticides that have been known to cause many types of cancers and birth defects, there is cadmium that has been linked to lung and prostate cancer, benzene which is known to cause leukemia, formaldehyde which is a preservative that has been linked also to lung cancer, nickel which is a material used to make coins and causes increased susceptibility to lung infections and many others.

There are approximately four thousand harmful ingredients in a cigarette stick. Many of these substances have been added to cigarettes to make it as addictive as it can so that people will keep on buying them from the stores, use them every day and increase the sales of the cigarette manufacturing companies. Other harmful ingredients of a cigarette are ammonia which we use in the household to clean our toilet bowls and sinks, arsenic which we commonly used as rat poisons, benzene which is a principal component for making dyes and synthetic rubber, butane which e use are liquid source of power to light our lighters and portable gas stoves, carbon monoxide which is a poisonous gas, cadmium that is an essential element in making batteries, cyanide and naphthalene which has been banned for use in other countries and among others polonium which is a cancer causing radioactive element. Vaping electronic cigarettes is a healthier alternative and the nicotine used in vaporizers are pharmaceutical grade and they come in different strengths and flavors.

Distinguished medical associations have been promoting the use of vaping as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarette smoking and just after a year of using vaporizers, the risk of cardiac problems drops dramatically, the risk of stroke falls to a level as a non-smoker within 5 years and the risk of cancer falls to fifty percent after ten years of quitting. Quitting smoking maybe tough but the benefits will surely out weight the risks.